Lava-Dome, multimedialer Vulkanausbruch, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Volcano park - Laacher See national geopark

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Six museum discovery and information centres and 17 natural, cultural and industrial monuments allow visitors to experience the hot, fiery evolutionary history of the Eifel directly where it happened.

It was only 13,000 years ago that the last pyroclastic flows and ash flows from the Laacher See volcano gushed through the valleys, extinguishing all life and leaving behind a barren moon landscape that in the thousands of years that followed would transform itself into a new landscape.

Even today, you can still see numerous cinder cones, maars, tuff and pumice walls at least a meter thick from this hot phase of the earth’s history. The volcanic eruptions in the past not only dominated the landscape, however, but also the lives of the people living in the Eifel. Historic mines, tunnels and quarries from different eras give a vivid impression of how people lived with this volcanic heritage.

The Laacher See geopark extends from Andernach am Rhein over the Brohltal valley at Niederzissen, to the north of the Laacher See lake. In the east, the area extends through to Boos, and includes the entire volcano park.
Four designated car routes, signposted cycle paths and marked hiking and circular trails lead visitors past different locations in the volcano park. 


Kottenheimer Büden, © Foto: Svenja Schulze-Entrup, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

Kottenheimer Büden - Vulkanparkstation

The "Kottenheimer Büden" on the eastern flank of the Bellerberg gives an insight into the origins of the Bellerberg volcano and originated about 200,000 years ago when lava bombs and shreds were thrown out of the volcano by violent explosions and piled up into a mighty slag wall. The mysterious "Siewe Stuwe" are caves carved into the basalt lava, which served as air shelters during World War II - primarily for women and children. The Traumpfad "Vulkanpfad" connects the volcanic park stations Ettringer Bellerberg, Kottenheimer Winfeld and Kottenheimer Büden over a distance of about 7 kilometers.

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