The Museumslay is an open-air exhibition as a permanent exhibition with various testimonies to the hard work of the grandfathers on the former mine site.

At the entrance to the Museumslay, a so-called Göpelwerk awaits the visitor, a faithful replica of the winches used in earlier times, with which the heavy Mendig basalt stones were brought out of the rock cellars into the daylight.

On the site of the city of Mendig in Brauerstraße, about 300 m from the Lava Dome, a gem of the great Mendig stonemason tradition was created.

Another showpiece is also right in the entrance area - the Schläsch-Express, a replica of an old mine railway with lorries.
A stonemason's hut and a pit crane were built in the lower area of the museum layout. This crane used to be used to load the stones and then transport them for further processing.
Furthermore, the visitor can learn about old working methods, such as B. the cracking of a basalt stone in the individual work steps, inform.
Stone made from local volcanic rock are exhibited as well as artistically made sculptures. A mine forge also found its place on the Lay.
The tools used to be forged here, today only luck. Because as the "branch office" of the Mendiger registry office, weddings are now carried out on request (and an appropriate appointment) on the venerable Lay.

In the right part of the site, the visitor will now find street pavement, as it used to be. A Roman fountain in tuff and various pieces of natural stone from road construction.

A tour is like a little time travel through the era of hard work by stonemasons on the Mendiger Stein.
The Museumslay is freely accessible all year round.

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