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Burg Eltz in der Eifel, © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz


The Neanderthals, the Celts, the Romans... their traces can still be followed in the Eifel today. On hiking routes or museum guided tours, the relics have been preserved and can still be seen in many places.

Other attractions are entire towns, municipalities or villages, such as Mayen in the East Eifel with its Genoveva castle, which is now the centre of many cultural events, or the clothmaking town of Monschau in the Eifel National Park with its “Red House”, and the numerous museums or the “historic mustard mill”.

Bitburg, with its art of brewing, has become famous far beyond the region, as has Gerolstein with its mineral water.

Half-timbered buildings, old town fortifications, some of which visitors can walk along, such as in Hillesheim or Bad Münstereifel, proud castles and dreamy palaces are further witnesses to history which can be experienced at first hand in the Eifel.

The range of museums in the Eifel is as varied as the region’s history itself. Visitors can find out about the settlement history of the Eifel, but also about the volcanicity and geology of the region, such as in the museums in Daun, Mendig and Manderscheid.


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Die Teufelsschlucht bei Ernzen, © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH

"Teufelsschlucht" (Devil's Gorge)


A natural monument of extraordinary fascination: a narrow gorge with metre-high rock faces, cool and dark. Cracks and crevices, weathered and overgrown with mosses and lichens. Anyone walking through this eye of a needle in the sandstone is walking through a 200-million-year-old seabed that harbours many secrets…

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Abteikirche Maria Laach, Außenansicht, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Abteikirche Maria Laach

Maria Laach

Maria Laach is one of the most famous sights in the Laacher See Volcano Park. The abbey church is the most famous building in the Eifel.


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Altes Rathaus im Frühling, © Kulturamt der Stadt Wittlich

Altes Rathaus Wittlich / Städtische Galerie für Kunst


In the Old Town Hall, which was built in 1652 in renaissance style, there is now the city gallery of art and the cultural office.

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Bitburger Erlebniswelt - Sudhaus, © Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH
Informationen zur Barrierefreiheit

Bitburger Erlebniswelt


The home of Bitburger

Come to the Bitburger Erlebniswelt to experience our number one draught beer with all five senses


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Burg Stolberg  und Altstadt, © Städteregion Aachen, Dominik Ketz

Burg Stolberg


The castle, which dates from the 15th century, is now used as a museum & event location.

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Blick auf den Kalvarienberg, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Calvary Hill (Kalvarienberg)


Here, there is a panoramic view onto the hills of the “Lampertstal”. From the highest point of Calvary Hill, daytrippers can enjoy the best view onto one of the most beautiful and largest juniper heathlands in North-Rhine Westphalia. The nature conservation area with its wild, slim, tall shrubs extends over an area of 650 hectares, suddenly giving the North Eifel region, which is otherwise covered with dense forest, a Mediterranean feel…

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Burg Satzvey, © Manuel Thome Photography

Castle Satzvey


Welcome to "Burg Satzvey", one of the most beautiful water castles in the Rhineland region.


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Manderscheiider Burgen mit Lieser, © Dominik Ketz

Castles of Manderscheid


The spa town of Manderscheid is most famous for two medieval castle ruins that stand directly opposite each other on steep mountain spurs not far from the town's alleyways. The massive complexes are separated only by the little Lieser river and a meadow, which in summer becomes a perfect place for a breather while hiking the Eifelsteig trail or for a family picnic with children…

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Die Klausenhöhle, © Deutsch-Luxemburgische Tourist-Information

Cave Klausen


Visit the Klausenhöhle ( cave) on the Premium hiking trail ``Römerpfad`` and let the past come back to life. According to legends, a hermit lived in the cave in the 18th century.

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UNESCO Weltkulturerbe Igeler Säule, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH

Column of Igel near Trier (UNESCO World Heritage Site)


UNESCO World Heritage Site Igeler Säule. The column was built in the first half of the 3rd century AD by a wealthy cloth merchant family. In November 1986, the 23 m high column was declared a World Cultural Heritage.


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