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The historical lava cellars are unique in the world, created by human hands over the course of time and are now an absolute must for visitors to the volcanic park Osteifel / Laacher See.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions show that the earth is in a constant state of flux.
Continents are shifting, mountains appear and disappear, volcanoes erupt, creating new land or destroying it.

Volcanoes are - from a geological point of view, very rapid events - and thus belong to the geological phenomena that humans can grasp with their senses. The timeline shrinks to a human level and is thus understandable.
A network of underground lava cellars spans an area of almost 3 km² below the city of Mendig.

The subterranean "landscape", which is unique in the world, is 32 m deep.

At that time, when the volcanoes erupted and covered the land with embers and ashes, a lava flow also flowed in the direction of Mendig.
What used to mean misery and hardship was an important way of making a living for the people in this area.

In a large number of tunnels and shafts, the Mendigans set out to exploit the precious black building material underground as basalt lava.
This is how the lava cellars were created.
In the middle of the 19th century, many breweries, 28 of them, used the constant temperature of 6-9 ° C to store their beer.
Only with the invention of Linde's cooling technology did most of the breweries disappear, except for one.

What was left was a tangle of cellars that can now be visited by guests on guided tours.




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