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The Lava-Dome, the German volcano museum in Mendig, presents vulcanism in the region around the Laacher See volcano. The museum is one of the central attractions in the volcano park. The exhibition area covers 700 square meters and includes three sections: “The world of the volcanoes”, “The volcano studio” and “The time of the volcanoes".

In “The land of the volcanoes”, a multimedia show tells the story of the two great volcanic eruptions, which had a huge impact on the landscape of the volcanic Eifel. These were the eruption of the Wingertsberg volcano, on the lava flow of which the town of Mendig is built together with the museum, and the eruption of the Laacher See volcano.

The "volcano studio" on the upper floor of the museum is a small vulcanology centre. At ten interactive test and experiment stations, each visitor can imagine how volcanic eruptions begin, and are given an impression of the processes that occur in the earth’s interior.

In the “Time of the volcanoes” section, “talking stones” are installed, which describe four great volcanic eruptions of years gone by when they are touched. Current seismological data on volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, together with current images from webcams all over the world, can be retrieved via Internet access.




Lava Dome
Brauerstr. 1
56743 Mendig
Phone: (0049) 26529399222

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