Day trips with children


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There are many child-friendly attractions in the Eifel for family outings with children, such as animal and theme parks, swimming pools, special guided tours and activities in the Eifel National Park and the Volcanic Eifel. We include some tips here for your day trip in the Eifel and offer a small selection here. There is so much to discover in the Eifel, with attractions for children in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate!


Schloss Bürresheim mit barocker Gartenanlage, © Foto: Laura Rinneburger, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

Schloss Bürresheim palace

St. Johann

During the Middle Ages, Schloss Bürresheim palace was actually a castle, in other words, a knight’s residence and a fortress at the same time.


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Ausstellung Fahrzeuge ring°werk, © Nürburgring



Welcome to the ring°werk! At the ring°werk, the Nürburgring’s large indoor theme park, visitors young and old embark on a journey of discovery through the world of motorsport.


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Wildschweine im Wild- und Erlebnispark Daun, © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourimus GmbH, D. Ketz

Wildlife and adventure park Daun


There is a car trail through the park, which is about 8 km long. The animals can move about freely in the large grounds, and thanks to the platforms provided, where there is an opportunity to exit from the car, they are familiar with having contact with visitors…

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Deutsches Schieferbergwerk 1, © Stadt Mayen/Seydel

Deutsches Schieferbergwerk - Museumswelten Mayen


The visitors will be equipped with helmets and jackets and get down in the depth off the slate mine and takes part in an exploration of the Moselschiefer. A simulated mine cart ride will especially delight the children. And "Müller's Jupp" will tell his stories of the live in the mine…

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Der "Teufelsschlucht-Dinosaurier", © Dominik Ketz

Teufelsschlucht dinosaur park


A 1. 5 km circular route leads through the attractive open-air site of the dinosaur park. It takes visitors on a journey through the earth’s history. It begins 420 million years ago in Devon and ends with the Neanderthals and mammoths around 40,000 years ago…

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Kasselburg, © Ferienregion Gerolsteiner Land

Adler- und Wolfspark Kasselburg


Today the visitor of ancient walls of this Staufer Castle will be awaited by a wide variety of preying birds and a wolves pack, the most numerous one in Western Europe.

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Seepark Zülpich


4,000 sqm of sandy beach with pirate climbing ship, giant bouncy cushions, giant swings, water playground, adventure golf, beach volleyball, aqua park, Flying Fox and much more awaits you at Seepark Zülpich…

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Blauer Morphofalter

Schmetterlingsgarten "Eifalia"


With their fine proboscises, colourful butterflies sip juice from a sliced pineapple. Then the gentle creatures waft away into the foliage of the plants in the butterfly house.


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LVR-Freilichtmuseum Kommern - Baugruppe Eifel, © LVR Kommern

LVR-Freilichtmuseum Kommern


Do you still remember the smell and taste of the bread which was baked in a wood-fired oven? Or do you still know how the blacksmith worked in his smithy? In the LVR Open Air Museum Kommern you can experience with all your senses how people used to live and work in the Rhineland…

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Wilder Weg_Tunnel, © Nationalpark Eifel

Wilder Weg im Nationalpark Eifel


The “Wilder Weg” is a 1. 6 kilometre-long nature discovery path in the Eifel National Park.


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