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Sonnenaufgang Schalkenmehrener Maar in der Eifel, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Holiday in the Eifel - pure nature experience

The Eifel holiday region


Fire, water, air and earth... Almost no other region in Germany is dominated by the elements as much as the Eifel uplands. The landscape reflects the geological development of millions of years in fast motion: valleys crossed by rivers, the cones of extinct volcanoes, dry maars which have become moorland, bizarre rock formations and layers of different hill ranges.

A landscape which appears to be constantly in flux, and a region which is under special protection following the creation of the Eifel National Park, the UNESCO Global Geopark and nature parks.

A region that can be actively discovered, for example by hiking on the 313 kilometre-long “Eifelsteig” trail from Aachen to Trier. Walking enthusiasts who prefer shorter tours can immerse themselves even more deeply in the natural environment of the Eifel by following certified short circular routes, which make a worthwhile day trip destination.
Those who prefer cycling are sure to enjoy the cycle paths along disused railway lines in the Eifel, such as the “Vennbahn” from Aachen to Troisvierges in Luxembourg, the longest disused railway cycle route in Europe, which connects three countries. Cycle tours over several days are easy to organise by combining different cycle routes.

At one time, the Eifel was settled by Celts, Romans and Franconians. The products of their cultures are still there to be admired: romantic towns such as Monschau, with half-timbered houses dating from the Middle Ages, the fascinating remains of Roman structures and imposing castles such as “Burg Eltz”.

The Eifel has a large selection of hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday apartments and holiday homes on offer, as well as campsites. Simply book your Eifel holiday online here.

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Wanderweg Eifelsteig, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

The premium trail Eifelsteig

The premium trail from Aachen-Kornelimuenster to Trier: The Eifelsteig trail is 313 kilometres long and crosses right through the Eifel, from Aachen, the city where Charlemagne was crowned, to the Roman imperial city of Trier. The Eifelsteig’s slogan is “Just you, the water and the rocks”. The constant reappearance of these two elements along the route is a characteristic feature that is very special to the region, accompanying hikers throughout their tour of the Eifel.

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