Booser Doppelmaar - Vulkanparkstation

Booser Doppelmaar - Vulkanparkstation


The "Booser Doppelmaar", located west of the municipality of Boos, are two large flat boilers in the countryside, one of which is a dry maar, the other now a pond. They owe their origins to the explosive confluence of rising hot magma and water. In outcrops, the layers deposited during the volcanic eruptions can still be observed today.

Along the "Kratertour", a 4.5 km long circular hiking trail, information boards provide information about volcanism and the local flora and fauna, among other things.

The Traumpfad "Booser Doppelmaartour" leads over a length of about 9 km and through the two Maarkessel. If you have less time or fitness, you can hike during the dreamlike landscape of the volcanic Eastern Eifel with the Traumpfädchen "Eifelturmpfad Boos" on about 4 km.

Our tip: Absolutely climb the 25 m high "Booser Eifelturm" on the "Schneeberg"!

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  • Vom April 24th bis December 31st
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Parkplatz Vulkanparkstation
Vulkanparkstation Booser Doppelmaar
56727 Boos

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Kottenheimer Büden, © Foto: Svenja Schulze-Entrup, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

Kottenheimer Büden - Vulkanparkstation

The "Kottenheimer Büden" on the eastern flank of the Bellerberg gives an insight into the origins of the Bellerberg volcano and originated about 200,000 years ago when lava bombs and shreds were thrown out of the volcano by violent explosions and piled up into a mighty slag wall. The mysterious "Siewe Stuwe" are caves carved into the basalt lava, which served as air shelters during World War II - primarily for women and children. The Traumpfad "Vulkanpfad" connects the volcanic park stations Ettringer Bellerberg, Kottenheimer Winfeld and Kottenheimer Büden over a distance of about 7 kilometers.