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UNESCO volcanic Eifel geopark

The volcanic Eifel - valuable natural heritage, certified as a europeen geopark, part of the UNESCO-supported global geopark network

The volcanic field of the West Eifel, which is protected in the volcanic Eifel nature and geopark, is around 30 x 60 km in size and covers an area between Bad Bertrich in the south-east and Ormont in the north-west. About 100 cinder cones and 70 maar craters have been found here. 

In November 2015, the volcanic Eifel nature and geopark and five other regions in Germany were certified as UNESCO global geoparks. With the confirmation of its status by the “International Geoscience and Geopark Program” by the UNESCO General Conference, the volcanic Eifel nature and geopark has now achieved an international level of recognition that puts it on the same level as world heritage sites and biosphere reserves.

UNESCO geoparks focus in particular on the geological, natural and cultural heritage of a region. They educate visitors about the environment and contribute to a sustainable regional development, with a large number of people involved.
In this way, the geopark, together with the certified natural and geopark guides and visitor guides, provides a varied, exciting and wide-ranging nature experience in the volcanic Eifel region all year round, and introduces visitors to the treasures of this fascinating landscape.

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