Eifel National Park
Nationalpark Eifel: Panorama Rursee mit Urfttalsperre, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH/D.Ketz

Eifel National Park

Woods, water, wilderness - the only National Park in North Rhine-Westfalia is worth exploring with a ranger

The Hohes Venn Eifel nature park, which crosses national borders, connects North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate and eastern Belgium in the north of the Eifel. The nature park is dominated by dark blue lakes and rivers, bubbling streams and wide dams, as well as densely forested mountain ranges. 

The Eifel National Park extends over an area of approx. 110 square kilometres in the middle of the Hohes Venn Eifel nature park. The large protected area offers almost entirely undisturbed living space for wild cats and black storks, among other animals. In the early summer, the yellow broom flowers turn the Eifel National Park golden. 

And the southern area of the Eifel National Park is even home to several types of orchid, such as the moorland spotted orchid. The Eifel not only contains surprises, but is also varied, with forests, stream valley, high plateaux and forest pastures. You will see old ash, chestnut and wild cherry trees, and a kite circling high overhead. A ranger will tell you about the black stork and eagle owl, brown owl and common raven on their tours. Or about the beaver building its dam. Wind whispers in the crowns of the beeches

The Eifel National Park is a place where senses are awakened: Seeing, from viewpoints such as the Hirschley, looking out 180 meters above the Rurstausee reservoir. You hear woodpeckers tapping and smell woodruff, feel soft moss and raw bark. The National Park ranger will suggest lying down on one of the park’s broad “sense benches”. The sense benches: inviting and away from the beaten track. Lie down and switch off. Take in your surroundings with all your senses, and enjoy. 

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Nationalpark Eifel

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