Heidegärten auf dem Büschberg und dem Wabelsberg

Heidegärten auf dem Büschberg und dem Wabelsberg


The two heath gardens on the Büschberg near Arft and the Wabelsberg near Langscheid represent both an educational trail and a botanical garden and provide information on the characteristic plant species of the heath by means of information signs.

The Büschberg (587 m) near Arft offers a fantastic view of a special variety of flora and fauna. The Heidegarten on the Büschberg was created with 34 typical plant species.

The Heidegarten on the Wabelsberg in Langscheid was built between October 2008 and July 2009 at the eastern plateau exit of the Wabelsberg with 45 plant species.

The two heath gardens have the following three main objectives:

1. Visitors should be aesthetically approached and interested in the topic of heathland.
2. Knowledge should be imparted to interested parties in a light and compact manner.
3. The heath gardens are to become the starting point for the re-spread of rare heath species.

Many rare plant species can also be found away from the landscaped heath gardens and a variety of butterflies, beetles and insects can be discovered. A special experience for exploring the unique heathlands are the Traumpfad "Bergheidenweg" (starting point in Arft) and the Traumpfad "Wacholderweg" as well as the Traumpfädchen "Langscheider Wacholderblick" (both starting point in Langscheid).

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Heidegärten auf dem Büschberg und dem Wabelsberg
Neuer Weg 16
56729 Langscheid
Phone: (0049) 02651800995


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