Löwen- und Philippsburg in Monreal

Löwen- und Philippsburg in Monreal


The neighbouring ruins of Löwenburg Castle - also known as Monreal Castle - and Philippsburg Castle - popularly known as "das Rech" (the deer) - are enthroned above the idyllic half-timbered village of Monreal, situated in the Elzbach valley on a 350-metre-high mountain spur.

The Löwenburg
The Löwenburg above the half-timbered village of Monreal is a so-called spur castle and was first mentioned in a document in 1229.
Count Hermann III von Virneburg is considered the builder of the Löwenburg. According to tradition, he is said to have built the castle on the land of his brother Philipp following a division agreement. However, the resulting disputes between the brothers were later settled and Philipp ceded his rights to the region to his brother.
Today, large parts of the Löwenburg still remain, giving a good impression of how imposing the castle's former appearance must have been. First and foremost, the remains of the 25 metre high keep with its three metre thick walls can be seen from afar. The high entrance to the imposing keep faces the valley and is therefore strategically located on the side facing away from the enemy. Unfortunately, the castle tower is currently closed and not accessible.

The Philippsburg
Castle Philippsburg Castle in Monreal was also built in the 13th century. Philippsburg Castle was given the nickname "Rech" (deer) in the vernacular due to its smaller size compared to Löwenburg Castle.
There are two different theories regarding its origins: On the one hand, Philippsburg Castle is said to have been built merely as a preliminary or outer structure of Löwenburg Castle or, on the other hand, as Philipp's "response" to the unauthorised construction of Löwenburg Castle by his brother.
Some substantial remains of the walls of Philippsburg - the north-west tower and the restored south wall - have also been preserved and give a good impression of the original structure.

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