Burgweiher Manderscheid

Burgweiher Manderscheid


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The Manderscheid castle pond is about 1.5 kilometres away from Niederburg Manderscheid. Downstream, the Lieser also meanders from the Niederburg towards Wittlich. After about 800 metres, the water of the Lieser is channelled to the castle pond. This is initially narrow (Vorweiher) and then the water spreads out kidney-shaped around the mountain. The water runs very slowly back into the Lieser via the outlet.

There is certainly a connection to the castle, but this is not documented. The pond was certainly not given this name without reason.

Today, the Burgweiher is a fishing lake, partly covered with water lilies and classified by conservationists as a natural monument worthy of protection. On a hike along the Lieserpfad and the Eifelsteig in the direction of Wittlich, you will be able to view the Burgweiher from above. A descent and a stop in close proximity is worth the effort.




Burgweiher Manderscheid
54531 Manderscheid
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