Weinfelder Maar


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The Weinfeld maar – also called Totenmaar [maar of the dead] is lined up along a fissure running SE to NW. It is one of the three water-filled maars close to the city of Daun: Schalkenmehren, Gemünden and Weinfeld Maar. About 20,000 to 30,000 years ago it erupted after the Schalkenmehren and the Gemünden maar.
The maar is among the favourite subjects of German landscape artist Fritz von Wille (1860 - 1941). In front of the moody grey of passing Eifel clouds, amidst the Eifel gold impasto style the “Blue Flower” shines resplendent on the crater slopes.
Time and time again the quaint chapel dedicated to St. Martin, situated at the north end of the Weinfeld Maar, also captivates the painter.

Elevation: 487 m (AMSL)
Cone diameter: 700 m
Cone depth: 90 m
Lake diameter: 492 m N-S, 396 m W-E
Lake depth: 51 m




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