Dreese in the volcanic Eifel

Dreese in the volcanic Eifel


There are many well-known and also hidden “Dreese” in the Volcanic Eifel. These are the mineral water and carbonic acid springs of volcanic origin. Many of these springs are located in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. These waters are extraordinarily rich in minerals. No “Drees” tastes like the other. Already the Romans recognised these springs and even built pipelines to Cologne.

These springs are part of the impressive earth history of this region. If you come across a “Drees” on the way, you should taste the water. You will notice differences in taste. Fill up a container and supply yourself with the water during your hike through the Volcanic Eifel.

In the GesundLand Vulkaneifel you can take a hike to 16 “Dreese” that will refresh you. Other “Dreese” are spread throughout the entire Eifel region. All have their own individual flavour. Try them out for yourself.

The brochure "Dreese - Mineralwasser- und Kohlensäurequellen der Vulkaneifel ", available at our GesundLand tourist information offices and at the Vulkaneifel Nature and UNESCO Global Geopark will show you the way - here

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The “Dreese” can be visited all year round.
Depending on the weather and the ground conditions, they are differently accessible.




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