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Who doesn’t dream of travelling to the centre of the Earth like Jules Verne? The terranaut in the Maarmuseum Manderscheid makes it possible. In just a few minutes, visitors are taken in a silver tube into the red glowing Earth’s core. The ground shakes, and suddenly, you’re spat out again like lava from a volcano... It’s not just this spectacular simulation that is a source of fascination in this well designed museum. As the name already suggests, here, the focus of the exhibitions is the history and creation of the “eyes of the Eifel”. At first hand, this history can be experienced, for example in a model of a maar that visitors can enter. In a series of display cases, different Eifel landscapes have been lovingly recreated, such as a marshy dry maar with its wide variety of flora and fauna. If you take the time to look at it closely, you are drawn into another world.

However, the undisputed highlight of the exhibition is the most famous resident of tthe museum, the “original Eckfeld horse”, or “Eckfelder Urpferdchen”. The skeleton of this pregnant mare, which has been almost perfeclty preserved and which is around 45 million years old, is just one of the many finds from the Eckfeld maar located close by. Visitors can also see a crocodile jawbone and various insects, such as the oldest honey bee in the world.




Maarmuseum Manderscheid
Wittlicher Str. 11
54531 Manderscheid
Phone: (0049) 6572 920310
Fax: (0049) 6572 920315

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