Werthelstein Bergweiler

Werthelstein Bergweiler


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The Werthelstein (also known as Werdelstein, Wedelstein or Würstelstein, dialectally Werdelsteen) is an impressive quartzite rock block of about two by three metres in cross-section. It stands at the banned border, which here crosses the old path from Bergweiler to Dreis. The following names are assigned to the stone: Wurtelstein, Werdelstein and Wirtelstein. According to tradition, the term Wirtel (= disc or ball made of clay, stone or metal, which served as a flywheel for the hand spindle and has been used since the Neolithic Age) refers to a spinner who sits in the rock and spins. The dialect poem D'Pitta by Berchweiler and Drääsa Frai'chen by Eduard Eltges is also very amusing. It describes a nightly encounter with a ghost at Werthelstein, a real ghost story. Near the Werthelstein there is an old tunnel in the rock, the Erzloch. The former ore mine was formerly used for digging for ore-bearing rock.

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Opening hours

  • From January 1st to December 31st

    The Werthelstein is freely accessible and lies directly on the hiking trail. A beautiful resting place invites you to stay.




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