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Prangerkreuz Dreis


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Not far from the gallows cross, the so-called pillory cross has also found a new place very close to its last location. It was located in front of the facade of the "Scherenahaus", which was demolished in the 1980s and where the village fountain is located today. Whether the pillory cross also has a sovereign background is doubtful. It is rather assumed that it was erected again in front of the facade of the "Scherenhaus" only after a restoration in 1910. This was once the location of the village pillory, popularly known as the "neck iron". Only the base of the cross and the lower part of the shaft with the altar projection and stylized lily above it are old and reveal the Baroque style. An eye-catcher is the beautifully crafted mask on the front of the altar projection. If you look closely, you can still make out the fracture that runs diagonally across the shaft of the cross. The upper part was renewed, probably during the restoration in 1910. It is much simpler and is based on the historical model. On the upper part of the cross shaft, the restorer has immortalized himself in an inscription along with his house name: "RESTORED TO THE HONOR OF GOD PET. THIELTGES Nicklausen" 1910.

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  • From January 1st to December 31st

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