Windsborn-Kratersee, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH - Dominik Ketz

Volcanic phenomena

As well as the water-filled maars, the Eifel has other special volcanic features.

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As well as the water-filled maars, the Eifel has other special volcanic features. These include the “Wallender Born”, or “boiling spring” cold water geyser, which breaks out every 30 minutes or so. Or maars which have already silted over and the only mountain crater lake north of the Alps (Windsborn crater lake). In old stone quarries, you can take a close look at lava flows.


Kottenheimer Winfeld mit Tafeln des Vulkanparks, © Laura Rinneburger

Kottenheimer Winfeld - Vulkanpark

200,000 years ago, the Bellerberg volcano complex erupted. Today surrounded Kottenheimer Büden and Ettringer Bellerberg crescent shaped the actual crater area. During the eruption, three lava flows flowed out of the crater area. The current lying north of the crater filled an old valley, reaching a thickness of about 40 meters. It forms the quarry area of Winfeld. Due to the intensive quarrying since pre-Christian times - but especially during the last 150 years - high walls of basaltic rock have been exposed. This is how an idyllic mining landscape was created. From the former hustle and bustle numerous cranes, crane bases and retaining walls that stand on the imposing lava walls testify.

Vulkanparkstation Mayener Grubenfeld, Felswand, © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Vulkanparkstation Grubenfeld

Mayen´s pit field is oner of the oldest and most important mines of basalt lava. This porous stone is perfectly suitable for grain grindings am millstones. A tour leads through the mine landscape, in the depth of the petrified lava river of the Bellerberg volvano with ist bizzare pillars. Roman mining traces can be found near a modern crane from the 20 th century. The sculpture park "LAPIDEA" is also on this area which is used for all kinds of events an by arches as training camp.