Wallfahrtskirche Maria Martental

Wallfahrtskirche Maria Martental


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With a monastic tradition of more than 800 years, the monastery and Maria Martental pilgrimage church is one of the most famous and oldest sights in the slate country of Kaisersesch.

The Priests of the Sacred Heart took over the monastery in 1927 and revived the pilgrimage. Countless groups of pilgrims stop at Maria Martental over the course of a year. Enjoy the idyllic location - in the middle of nature, above the Valley of the Wild Endert.

In Maria Martental we also provide for your physical well-being. The pilgrims' guesthouse can accommodate 200 people.
You can find a small souvenir for yourself or your loved ones at the art and book shop

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Wallfahrtskirche Maria Martental
56759 Leienkaul
Phone: (0049) 2653 9890-0
Fax: (0049) 2653 9890-19

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