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A place of peace - the Waldkapelle (forest chapel).

At the edge of the "In der Langhaeck" forest sits the Waldkapelle, which is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows.
According to tradition, the chapel was first mentioned in 1754. Based on a 12th century legend, there was already a chapel here, which was built by members of the von der Leyen family was built following the joyous return of the crusades. The route from the parish church to the chapel is same distance (one thousand steps) as from the house of Pilate in Jerusalem to Mount Golgotha.

In 1794, the Kaisersesch Waldkapelle was heavily damaged; it was not rebuilt until around 1833.
The Waldkapelle is located directly on the Eifel-Camino, one of the numerous Jakobswege ("Ways of St. James") through Europe to the tomb of the apostle James in Santiago de Compostela. It offers pilgrims a special place of peace and quiet. There is also an opportunity to stamp the pilgrim's pass.




Auf der Wacht
56759 Kaisersesch

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