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The Elzbach River has its source in the high Eifel mountains (Hockelberg), flows over Monreal, past the medieval Castle Pyrmont and the delightful Castle Eltz, to Moselkern, where it finally flows into the Mosel.

Especially impressive is the waterfall at the Pyrmont Mill - the largest waterfall in the Eifel mountains, with Pyrmont Castle in the background. It is an ideal spot for a quick rest during a hiking tour. Discover the beauty and originality of nature along the Elzbach: walk on the "Eltzer Burgpanorama" or "Pyrmonter Felsensteig" Traumpfade ("dream paths"). A particularly beautiful section is the Eifel Association's Jakobsweg (Way of St. James, a pilgrimage route) from Monreal in the Vordereifel through the Elzbach Valley to Moselkern on the Mosel.

The hiking trail is characterised by wild, densely wooded nature and narrow paths over rocks and roots that traverse uphill and downhill. The rocky and forested Elzbach Valley offers wild nature, as well as the castles Eltz and Pyrmont and the half-timbered town of Monreal: culture worth seeing!

Burg Eltz, built on the Elzbach, has been family-owned for 1000 years and is one of the few castles that have never been destroyed over the centuries. The castle is enthroned on a 70 metre high rock spur.




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