Der Nachtwächter

Der Nachtwächter


Every first Friday of the month, the Kaisersesch Night Watchman (Matthias Schnitzler) reaches for his halberd, puts on his mother-of-pearl horn and grabs the wooden stable lantern with its candle burning.

The night watchman is accompanied by his two sutlers (Susanne Schubert and Kirsten Roscher), with whom he sets off on his walk through the historic Prison after dark. Wrapped in his black cape and dressed in the traditional tricorn hat, the night watchman welcomes guests to the historic town centre.

Guests on the tour learn exciting facts about the town and its history. As a delicious conclusion to the evening, there is a small rustic snack in the local museum, which is also open for viewing. Join the night watchman on his tour through the city of Kaisersesch!

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Opening hours

  • From July 5th to July 5th
    00:00 - 23:59

  • From August 2nd to August 2nd
    00:00 - 23:59




Förderverein Heimatmuseum Prison e.V.
Burgstraße 1
56759 Kaisersesch
Phone: (0049) 2653 6545

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