St. Martin Quelle Dreis

St. Martin Quelle Dreis


The source was mentioned in documents as early as the 16th and 17th centuries. In the period around 1900, the water in the area between Brückenstraße and Mühlenstraße bubbled out of the ground in several places. Until 1960, the Dreesbrunnen with a turning device for general use was located near the present Sparkasse. After the water level had dropped due to the laying of the sewerage and water pipes, the well was removed. However, in the following years the municipality of Dreis had drillings carried out. Mineral water could be located in the sediments of the river terrace of the Salm. In 1965/66, deeper boreholes were drilled to find a spring. This development source on Mühlenstraße was extended by corrosion-resistant pressed wood filter pipes and secured with a concrete shaft. A plastic pipe carries the water to the bridge road. There an open drinking fountain has been created from which the highly ferruginous Dreiser water gushes by means of an underwater pump into a round stone basin, which turns a bright brown colour due to the precipitating iron hydroxide. The drinking fountain was renewed in 1997. The iron-rich water of the St. Martin's Fountain fits into the range of mineral waters of the Rhenish Slate Mountains. It can be described as sodium-calcium-hydrogen-carbonate acidulous and may be assigned to the healing waters. The therapeutic value of the very carbonic acid-rich water has been proven. It is said to have a soothing effect on stomach problems and a beneficial effect on chronic, benign infections of the urinary tract when taken as part of a drinking cure.

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The St. Martin Spring is freely accessible all year round.




Gemeindebüro Dreis
Kirchstraße 22
54518 Dreis
Phone: (0049) 6578 7249

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