Jüdischer Friedhof Wittlich

Jüdischer Friedhof Wittlich


At the cemetery, which was established around 1670 and used until 1941, there are 162 older weathered gravestones as well as classicistic and historicistic ones. Two gravestones from the year 1672 are preserved. In 1718 the district name "Beym Juden Begräbnuß" was first recorded. In the cadastre register of 1828 the cemetery is registered as "Judenkirchhof". During the Nazi era, the cemetery came into the possession of the town unlawfully in 1943 for 100 RM. In 1949 it was returned to the Jewish Community of Trier. The gravestones, which had been violently overthrown during the Nazi era, were erected again by the town of Wittlich. Today the historical cemetery is a memorial for the cruel fate of Wittlich's Jewish fellow citizens. The historical graves can be visited free of charge, the key to the cemetery is available against deposit at the Kulturamt der Stadt Wittlich im Alten Rathaus, Neustraße 2.

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Emil Frank Institut
Schloßstrasse 10
54516 Wittlich
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