Riedener Fußfälle

Riedener Fußfälle


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From the parish church of St. Hubertus in the center of the village of Rieden, the way of the cross, carved in tuff, with its seven footfalls leads almost down to the location of today's forest lake.

The individual stations show the Passion of Jesus Christ.
The pictorial representation is perfectly formed, kept in the Baroque style and shows a different scene at each station.

In Rieden, as in many places in the region, there is a baroque station path, the so-called "Seven Footfalls".
These find their origin in the Middle Ages.
The believers followed the Passion of Christ here. Because you do a "footfall" (knee bend) when entering each station, as is also done on the Way of the Cross, these stations were called footfalls.

The Rieden footfalls were built at the beginning of the 19th century and restored by the Rieden stonemason Franz Nett at the end of the 1970s.

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Riedener Fußfälle
56745 Rieden

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