Nationaler Geopark Laacher See

Nationaler Geopark Laacher See

Maria Laach

National Geopark Laacher See Geological heritage of the East Eifel

The largest lake in Rhineland-Palatinate, the Laacher See, is at the center of the Laacher See National Geopark, which was newly formed in 2016.
The Geopark Laacher See extends from Andernach am Rhein over the Brohl valley near Niederzissen north of Laacher See.
In the east, the area extends into the Eifel near Boos and includes the entire volcano park from Mayen via Mendig to Kaltenengers.

Sights in the Geopark The Laacher See Geopark includes 17 volcanological and cultural-historical landscape monuments, the Vulkanpark Info Center in Plaidt, the Meurin Roman mine in Kretz, the Geyser Center in Andernach, the Lava Dome in Mendig, the Grubenfeld Adventure Center in Mayen and the German Pumice Museum in Kaltenengers.
In the area of the Laacher See holiday region, this offer is supplemented by five geo-path hiking routes, the highlight car route H and the information center in the tourist information center in Niederzissen.
The Laacher See holiday region and the volcanic park in the Mayen-Koblenz district want to jointly make the geological heritage of the region around the Laacher See accessible to visitors and highlight the diversity of this young landscape.

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