Schwarze Wand

Schwarze Wand


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The section of a cinder volcano shows the viewer the entire range of the tephra that was once ejected during the eruption, the entirety of the volcanic loose masses.
These are fine ashes, the little stones "lapilli", bizarre fly ash and thick lumps called "bombs".

The color spectrum of the layered stones goes from red to brown to black, depending on the distance to the chimney. To which of the nearby volcanoes this breakdown wall can be assigned cannot yet be specifically stated.

The following hiking and walking trails lead past the Black Wall:

• Premium hiking trail "Pellenzer Seepfad" Traumpfad (16.0 km)

• Panorama path "Eppelsberg" - Geopfad route N (13.0 km)




Schwarze Wand
GPS Koordinaten N50°24'37.7" E 7°19'06. 9"
***** Nickenich

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