Heidweiler Mühle

Heidweiler Mühle


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Levies from the Heidweiler mill were already recorded in a sales document from 1442. A document from 1482 shows that the mill belonged to the Bruch family at that time. The mill had to deliver 1 miller's grain a year to the lord of Dodenburg for the watercourse, as can be seen from the stock ledger of the lords of Dodenburg and Scharfbillig. Johannes Trierweiler, owner of the mill from 1766-1770, paid 4 Malter Korn, 15 Reichstaler, 200 eggs and 2 chickens to Dodenburg every year, the contributions to Dodenburg remained until 1793. In 1829 the miller Johann Bourg bought the former kesselstattsche Mühle, in 1855 the mill stood empty. At the beginning of the 20th century the miller Nikolaus Heinz supplied the mill with electrical energy from his own plant. However, since the water of the Bendersbach stream was not sufficient to supply the building with electrical energy on a permanent basis, the mill was connected to the village's public supply system. In 1914, the municipal council of Heidweiler approved Nikolaus Heinz a grant of 25 marks for this project. Shortly after the 2nd World War, the mill ceased grinding operations and was sold. The buildings of the former mill were lovingly restored, and today they are home to enthusiastic Eifel holidaymakers.

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  • From January 1st to December 31st

    The holiday homes of Heidweiler Mühle can be booked all year round: www.heidweilermuehle.de




Heidweiler Mühle
Mühlenstraße 1
54518 Heidweiler
Phone: (0049) 6508 952813

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