Gefrierhaus Lüxem

Gefrierhaus Lüxem


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The central location in the old village center, directly on the Sterenbach, prompted the municipality to convert the house of the Kappes family, which was no longer habitable, into a freezing house for the Lüxem village population in 1961. After the conversion, the freezer house received 64 boxes of 254 liters and 79 boxes of 127 liters capacity. Today, hunters use the anteroom to cut up and pre-cool the hunted animals.

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Opening hours

  • From January 1st to December 31st

    The freezer house is still in use today, access is exclusively for the tenants of the refrigerated compartments.




Dorfverein Lüxem e.V.
Im Bungert 15
54516 Wittlich-Lüxem

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