The goose neck, the site of a number of strange sagas and stories, is also called Geissenberg or Geisberg in ancient sources.

In the Middle Ages, a Landwehr, a structure for fortifying the border, whose moat and wall remains are still visible in some places, ran east over the ridge of the goose neck.
On the goose neck in 1844 in the corridor "Auf dem Sonnenberg" near the summit, the remains of a tower known from oral tradition were found.
When and by whom it was built is unknown.

A part of the cemetery wall in Bell, which was erected between 1846 and 1848 and still exists today, was built from tuff ashlars from the former tower.

The new tower:
About 50 m northwest of the mountain peak is the Gänsehalsturm, built in 1976, a 74 m high radio tower from the RWE subsidiary Amprion, which also serves as a lookout tower.
It was inaugurated in 1977 and, unlike other RWE towers, is made of reinforced concrete. The one standing at a height of around 560 m has a viewing platform which, according to various sources, is at a height of 24 or 25 m and offers a panoramic view of the Eifel landscape just above the treetops.
The view even extends to the Siebengebirge, Bergisches Land and Westerwald.

"Traumpfad Waldseepfad Rieden":

The hiking trail Waldseepfad Rieden leads past the Gänsehalsturm. The path is one of the dream trails and is around 14 km long. The hiking tour begins and ends at Waldsee Rieden.
Note: For reasons of traffic safety, the operator of the goose neck tower closes the tower from the onset of the frost period until Easter. Condensation can cause ice to form and visitors could slip and injure themselves on the smooth steps. ´

The old goose neck storm:
Near the top of the goose neck is a lookout tower, which was built in 1889/90 by the Jadgverein Gänsehals and is 9.20 m high. A former refuge is attached to the tower. The tower and hut have been privately owned since 1960, so they are no longer open to the public. From the viewing platform, which has long been towered over by the treetops, there was an especially impressive view of the Pellenz hills.

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