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As early as 1146, the city of Mendig was mentioned in a document from Archbishop Arnold of Cologne in its current spelling, but the name Overmendig was first found in 1382.
This means that this district obviously has an older history than the rest of the district Nydern Mendig, which was mentioned around 1450.

Originally Obermendig is a Celtic settlement.
Celtic and Roman grave finds show that, however, as early as the 2nd century BC And in the first centuries AD the area of Obermendig was populated.
Numerous other archaeological finds prove that Obermendig was settled by Celts and Romans, but it has recently become clear what significance the place had in Roman history.
The precious late Gothic building is attached to the manor house. The chapel, probably built before 1400, was first mentioned in 1427. In addition to the manor house, the St. Laurentius Chapel forms the heart of the large property.

Today the chapel has been profaned, which means that parish masses are no longer held there.




56743 Mendig

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