Krufter Bachtal

Krufter Bachtal


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The extensive Krufter Bachtal, which essentially consists of three parts, is not only dedicated to the eruption of the Laacher See volcano almost 13,000 years ago and the formation of the tuff.
The use of the tuff stone since Roman times, the history of the old church in Plaidt and the wealth resulting from the mining activities are vividly presented here.

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How to get to the landscape monument "Krufter Bachtal":

Dirt road parallel to the B256 between Kretz (main street) and Plaidt (Pommerhof) GPS coordinates N50 ° 23.726 'E007 ° 22.345' (position Herfeld pit)

A hiking trail leads from the Vulkanpark information center in Plaidt to the Meurin Roman mine in Kretz, directly past the "Krufter Bachtal" landscape monument.
The path is signposted as a Roman with the volcano park mascot "Vulkanius".

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Krufter Bachtal
GPS-Koordinaten N50°23.726' E007°22. 345'
56642 Kruft

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