Burgruine Dasburg

Burgruine Dasburg


The Dasburg was built around 850. According to legend, it was a refuge for the monks of the Prüm Abbey from the Normans. The castle was probably a gift from King Pippin the Little to the Prüm monastery. According to the goods register of the Prüm Abbey, it was given as a fief to the Counts of Vianden (Lords of Dasburg) in 1222. The administration was carried out by noble gentlemen. e.g. by Waldeck, by Metternich, by Biewer; the last lord of the castle was a lord of Montigny. Between 1683 - 1759 the castle was built by Ludvig XiV. claimed. 1794 - French Revolutionary Troops invade. In 1811 Napoleon gave the Dasburg to his General Oudinot. This had the castle auctioned in 1813, with the condition that it be demolished by the year. The surrounding walls with the castle gate and the 22m high tower remain. In 1817 the forest house was built on the site of the former sheepfold.

Today the 'Alte Forsthaus' is used as a holiday apartment (first floor). Contact: forsthaus@dasburg.de You can also book the hall on the ground floor for festivities. The wedding room can comfortably accommodate 45 people. Further information: standesamt@vg-arzfeld.de

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  • From May 11th to January 31st
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The castle ruins are freely accessible.




Ferienwohnung Forsthaus, OG Dasburg
Auf der Burg 1
54689 Dasburg
Phone: (0049) 6550 772

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