Naturschutzgebiet Mittleres Ourtal

Naturschutzgebiet Mittleres Ourtal


The middle Ourtal extends over a length of 12 km between Dasburg (Rellesmühle) and Ouren (B) and represents one of the last natural low mountain valley landscapes in the Atlantic-dominated western part of Central Europe.

The geographical location in an almost uninhabited landscape and its poor development, in addition to the local conditions, are essential prerequisites for the flourishing of a unique flora and fauna: here the pearl mussel and the banded demoiselle, the blue-winged demoiselle, the kingfisher and the dipper can still be found.

Anyone who experiences the middle Ourtal will be surprised and at the same time enthusiastic about this romantic valley landscape. A view from above into the Ourtal provides a wonderful landscape. A predominantly contiguous forest complex, mostly consisting of beeches and oaks, alternating with ravine forests, stretches along the slopes. The demanding hazel grouse can still find suitable habitats in the dense undergrowth. Special treasures are also the large evergreen stands here, which decorate the beech forest with a blue carpet in early spring. The picturesque rocky areas of the Kesselslei or Königslei provide an impressive insight into this natural landscape.

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