Tuffsteilwand am Riedener Sportplatz


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At the sports field we are standing in front of a mighty wall made of layered, alternately coarse and fine tuff banks.

However, this layering is hardly visible at first glance. This is due to the green color of the layers, which they only experienced after the deposition and which is the characteristic feature of the building block "Riedener Tuff" and distinguishes it from the light beige Weiberner tuff and the somewhat darker beige-brown Ettringer tuff.
The cause of the green color the proximity of the younger crater of the 8th large Rieden volcanic eruption.
If we turn away from the quarry wall and look south, we see a depression between the village in the foreground and the Uttelsheck ridge in the background.
This is the last crater of the Rieden volcano located.




Am Riedener Sportplatz
56745 Rieden

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