Stiftskirche St. Martin und St. Severus

Stiftskirche St. Martin und St. Severus


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The 900-year-old Romanesque church tower is the oldest building and at the same time the unmistakable symbol of the city. Inside the cathedral are a valuable organ and a late Gothic Gothic altar from Antwerp that are important gems of art history. Murals from the early days of the church, which were rediscovered during restoration work, give the nave very lively accents. Not only the church tower strives for higher things. The entire city was once surrounded by a massive city wall, parts of which are well preserved. Two of its medieval towers still testify to the power of this fortified complex: the so-called Owl Tower, which was once a guard station and prison, and a cannon tower. However, the highest tower in the three-tower city is more recent: the water tower from the 19th century, which also speaks of imposing architecture. The city guides offer interesting tours through the impressive Münstermaifelder collegiate church and the old town. Open tours: April - October: every Sunday and public holiday at 2 p.m. Meeting point: Tourist Information Maifeld, Münsterplatz 6. Individual tours can be organized on request, contact the Maifel Tourist Information Office (phone: 02605 - 961 50 26)

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Opening hours

  • From January 1st to December 31st

    The collegiate church is usually freely accessible between sunrise and sunset. There are no fixed opening times, as soon as it gets dark, the church is locked.




Stiftskirche St. Martin und St. Severus
56294 Münstermaifeld
Phone: (0049) 2605 / 9615026

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