Burg Wernerseck

Burg Wernerseck


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Wernerseck Castle towers on a rocky spur high above the nature reserve of the Nettetal. Located between Ochtendung and Plaidt, its keep lined with bay windows is visible from afar. As a formerly imposing residential and defense tower, it towers over the walls of the medieval castle complex. It was built from 1402 by Archbishop Werner of Falkenstein in Trier as a fortress against the Cologne-based Andernach. Their sturdy masonry was geared for siege with firearms. After the successful renovation of the residential tower, extensive work on the ring wall, the corner towers and the former farm buildings has been carried out since 2017. The Community of Burg Wernerseck is committed to ensuring that the historic building is preserved together with the owner of the castle, the local community of Ochtendung. In this way Burg Wernerseck should remain a symbol of the region and a popular destination for future generations.

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Burg Wernerseck
56299 Ochtendung
Phone: (0049) 02625 9540930

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