St. Martin Kirche Dreis

St. Martin Kirche Dreis


In the middle of the 18th century the parish church of St. Martin in Dreis was dilapidated and the parish decided to build a new church for the service of the community and as a sign of God's presence in the middle of the village. The interior of the baroque church is a ribless cross-vaulted hall, the central axis of which is marked by pilasters. Like the pulpit and the communion bench, the three wooden column altars date from the time when the church was built. The high altar is enriched by freestanding square pillars which are tapered in reverse. In the middle of the retable there is an imaginative representation of the church's patron saint; St. Martin shares his riding cloak with the beggar. In the height is the representation of the Virgin Mary at her ascension to heaven. The tabernacle has the baroque form of a revolving tabernacle. In the upper part of the high altar there is the coat of arms of the municipality of Dreis, which shows on a golden background the black double-headed imperial eagle with a red nimbus, covered with a silver cross on which an oath hand rests. On both sides, above the door closures of the scenery wall are the figures of St. Lucia and St. Eligius. The church has a tower with four bells hanging from it: St. Mary and St. Peter from 1603 - St. Trinity from 1949 - St. Benedict from 1964 - St. Charles Baromew from 1982.

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The St. Martin church is open all year round.




Gemeindebüro Dreis
Kirchstraße 22
54518 Dreis
Phone: (0049) 6578 7249

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