St. Florinus

St. Florinus


The parish church of St. Florinus was consecrated on July 10, 1916.

After the old parish church in Kirchgasse had become too small, the parish of Bell decided to build a larger church.
After only two years of construction, the move into the new church was celebrated on November 9, 1915.
It is a three-aisled, three-bay stepped hall church with a tower set in the nave and a retracted choir.
The choir is from flanked by two almost square extensions that are connected by a corridor around the apse.
The main nave consists of three square bays, which correspond to side bays that are narrower by half.

When planning the parish church of St. Florinus, the architect Ludgerus Rincklake OSB chose the step hall church type, which has been widespread since the late Gothic.
Numerous structural elements such as pointed arches, tracery, pear-shaped profile of the vault ribs in the choir and the sculptures of the capitals are borrowed from the Gothic repertoire.

Parish Church of St. Florinus Bell
In contrast, the mighty arcade pillars with their semicircular templates inside the church are reminiscent of the arcade pillars in the nave of the Maria Laach Abbey.
Another late Romanesque reminiscence are the shaft rings of the three-quarter columns and the services in the choir.

In World War 2. on March 2nd, 1945 the church was badly hit in a bomb attack.
The tower was destroyed to the foundations.
The choir, roof and organ were badly damaged. The mosaics and the choir cross miraculously survived the bomb attack unscathed.
Only the pillars remained of the marble communion bench.
The population set about rebuilding at great cost.

On May 26, 1949, the congregation was able to celebrate services in the church again.
The tower was only rebuilt in 1963 - albeit not at its original height.

 Extensive renovations took place between 1985 and 1993.
The sanctuary was redesigned and the communion bench was completely removed.
The interior renovation was completed on October 9th, 1988 for the 160th anniversary of the parish with the altar-concration.

 For the 900th anniversary of the Bell community in 1993, all renovation work was completed and the parish church has shone as a jewel of the place ever since.

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Pfarrkirche St. Florinus
Hauptstraße 4
56745 Bell

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