Römerbrunnen & Römerkeller

Römerbrunnen & Römerkeller


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The Roman cellar, made of tuff, was created when the volcanic rock was mined underground.

Since 1st / 2nd In the 19th century AD, the rock mining in Kruft can be proven.
The cultural monument, which has been a listed building since 1987, consists of a square area with two central supports.

The Roman cellar is always visible from the outside. To go in, the key can be picked up from the local community Kruft (Kolpingplatz 1).

The following hiking and walking trails lead past the Römerbrunnen & Römerkeller:

• RKru 1 "Margarethenhof circular route" (5.5 km)

• RKru 2 "Fraukircher Weg" (9.5 km)

• RKru4 "Meurin Roman Mine" (8.0 km)

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Römerbrunnen & Römerkeller
56642 Knuft

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