Kreuzberg Saffig

Kreuzberg Saffig


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To this day, processions lead up to the Easter time of penance, past the "Seven Sorrows of Mary".

The approximately three-meter-high tuff picture canes were donated by a Saffiger couple in 1804.
On the summit there is a hall that is only partially closed on the rear wall and rests on four Doric columns with a high base.
The building, which dates back to the time of the count, is covered by a roof in the form of a flat slate dome.
In earlier times the vault was painted.
Up until the 1950s, the baroque crucifix that now hangs in the chancel of the new parish church was up here.

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How to get to Kreuzberg:

Bassenheimer Strasse (behind the town sign up the hill), 56648 Saffig

Hike to Kreuzberg: The hiking trails RSa1 (3.0 km) and RSa3 (6.0 km) start at the Von-der-Leyen-Halle in Saffig and lead past Kreuzberg.
You can find detailed information and a flyer on the trails under "Hiking" - "Other hiking and walking trails" - "Local hiking trails in Pellenz".

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Kreuzberg Saffig
Bassenheimer Sraße
56648 Saffig

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