The figures depicted in the concrete relief represent Nicodemus and Josef v. Arimathea dar. In the Prüm vernacular they were called "Holter men". It was 7 figures from the ruins to be rescued, the grave stone group, the 14th Station of the Way of the Cross, they are now after thorough restoration in the Salvator Basilica in Prüm, the beautiful altar is in the 3 doctors chapel of the Salvator Basilica.
It was an urgent concern of the Prüm population to rebuild the chapel, as it was considered a much visited place of worship especially in the pre-Easter period and as a landmark for Prüm and the surrounding area.
Just below the high cross, about 10 m away, on the 50th anniversary (commemoration day) of the explosion of 1949, a memorial to the old chapel was erected. On the right side of the masonry is a stone from the ruined chapel of 1696.
The altered condition of the site after the explosion and the construction of other structures on the post-war plateau necessitated a relocation of the chapel. The chapel was rebuilt closer to the city.
The new chapel is a faithful reproduction of the old chapel on a smaller scale (but without a crypt and a sexton).
The construction of the new chapel started in October 1983. The building owner was the city of Prüm. The construction costs, including the interior fittings, amounted to DM 250,000. The financing of this cost was made up of the remainder of the disaster relief fund, funds from the job creation program, the budget of the city of Prüm and donations. 35 years after the destruction of the old chapel by the explosion catastrophe the new chapel was inaugurated on 15 July 1984 with large participation of the population from Prüm and many foreign guests.
The chapel is dedicated to "Our Lady"!
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