Eifel-Blicke im Prümer Land

Eifel-Blicke im Prümer Land


Panoramic views of towns, lakes, river valleys, hedge landscapes, heaths and moors convey the uniqueness of nature to the observer. The nature park has created a concept in which more than 60 stations invite you to view and enjoy the landscape, the "Eifel views". All visible sights, places and scenic features are shown on panorama boards, benches invite you to linger and enjoy. In many places, the Eifel views are also set up as a barrier-free experience station. There are 7 views of the Eifel in the Prümer Land, each with its own special view. The "Dreiländerblick" (615 m) near Buchet offers an impressive view of Bleialf and the Alfbachtal, to the Islek and the Ösling, beyond the Ourtal, and on a clear day it extends to the High Fens in Belgium. At the Apert (600 m) near Büdesheim you can see the Prümer Kalkmulde, the Duppacher Ridge and in the background the ridges of the Islek and the Schneifel, and in good weather even the Ahreifel and the volcanoes at the Nürburgring. The "cat's head" at Gondenbrett is located on a platform with a panoramic view, which was built on a blown up Siegfried Line bunker. The entire mountain range of the Schneifel, the heights of the Islek and the Prüm limestone basin can be seen. “Auf dem Köpfchen” (500 m) near Habscheid, the view extends from the Ourtal over the Alfbachtal to the Schneifel, over the Prüm valley to the Prümer Kalkmulde and far into the community of Arzfeld. At "Wanderparkplatz Nr. 23" (563 m) near Oberlauch you can see over the Nimstal to the Vulkaneifel, Salmwald and Hunsrück. With good visibility, two of the highest mountains in Rhineland-Palatinate can be seen, the Erbeskopf and the Hohe Acht. The Eifel view "Schwarzer Mann" (644m) near Sellerich is close to the mountain of the same name, which at 697 m is the highest point in the North Eifel Nature Park. A 40 m high cell phone mast awaits the visitor at the Eifel Blick “Zur Hardt” near Weinsheim. From the 25 m high, publicly accessible viewing platform, the visitor can enjoy a wonderful 360 ° panoramic view. Info: www.eifel-blicke.de


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  • Vom January 8th bis January 31st
    06:00 - 23:00 Uhr

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    06:00 - 23:00 Uhr

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    06:00 - 23:00 Uhr

    06:00 - 23:00 Uhr

The viewing platform is freely accessible at all times.




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