Burgruine Schönecken

Burgruine Schönecken


The castle ruins of the same name are located on a mountain spur high above the community of Schönecken. In Schönecken, in addition to the castle ruins, the old town center is also worth seeing and the surrounding "Schönecker Schweiz" offers a nature experience that has become rare with its dolomite rocks, numerous biotopes and rare plants. Located on a mountain spur protruding into the Nimstal, Schönecken Castle had the task of securing the southern border of the territory of the Priory Abbey and controlling the Bitburg-Prüm road leading through the valley. Its founders were the Counts of Vianden, who were named as Prümer Vögte (patrons) as early as 1132.

The castle complex may have started in the 12th century, but the first half of the 13th century is more likely. The castle extends over an approximately rectangular plan with a length of about 120 meters from the tip of the mountain tongue in the west to the very wide neck ditch in the east. The main front is the south side, the left half of which (viewed from the south) once formed the apartment. From the curtain wall, three towers open to the inside of the castle protrude outward and shape the characteristic silhouette of the castle. Two of the towers, one round and one rectangular, soar three stories high. The round tower is likely to date from the 13th or early 14th century, as is a slightly lower one further to the right. The rectangular tower with its corners reinforced with humpbacks and rectangular window walls is more recent. All three towers and the connecting pieces of wall belonged to a multi-storey residential building since the 16th century at the latest, the eaves of which were about the height of the current upper edge of the towers, as an oil painting from the 18th century shows.

Source: "Schönecken Castle Ruins". In: KuLaDig, Kultur.Landschaft.Digital. URL: https://www.kuladig.de/Objektansicht/KLD-291628 (Accessed: March 3, 2020, abbreviated)

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The castle ruins are freely accessible.




Ortsgemeinde Schönecken
Teichstr. 16
54614 Schönecken
Phone: (0049) 6553 875983

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