Eifel-Blick "Worbelescheed" in Simmerath-Eicherscheid

Eifel-Blick "Worbelescheed" in Simmerath-Eicherscheid


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The “Eifel-Blick Worbelescheed" is at an altitude of 530m and offers a fantastic view over the extensive hill range and the Eifel National Park with the Kermeter and Dreiborn plateau. The many wind turbines in the distance belong to the wind farms in Dreiborn and Schöneseiffen.

The extraordinary name of the “Eifel-Blick” is derived from the two words Worbele (= blueberries) and Scheed (= Scheid, border). The field name indicates that the “blueberry border” is there.

The on-site panorama board helps with orientation and provides useful information about the visible landscape.

The “Eifel-Blick Worbelescheed" can only be reached on foot, parking is available in Eicherscheid and Huppenbroich.
From the Eicherscheid sports field car park (50.580450, 6.309308), the path leads on a tarred field path with a slight incline to the viewpoint.
From the car park at the chapel in Huppenbroich (50.589927, 6.316547) the path leads through the village and then over a largely flat tarred fiel path.

A visit can be combined with a hike. The local circular hiking trail Flurheckenweg (No. 17) leads directly past the Eifel-Blick.




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