Historischer Altstadtkern Stolberg


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Historic old town with impressive castle complex, three old town churches and pre-industrial homes and workplaces of the copper masters. The atmosphere and flair of the old town make you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lead you to a relaxed yet eventful stay. Despite its long history of development, Stolberg's old town has a homogeneous appearance and is a convincing historical ensemble without appearing uniform. In addition to the castle complex dating back to the 12th century, there are many other buildings and squares to explore. The appearance of the old town is predominantly determined by the local limestone. The edging of windows and doors as well as the edges of walls are often made of hewn bluestone, which results in a visually attractive division of the house facades. The old town encloses the southern and western flank of the castle rock and is essentially accessed by Burgstrasse, Schartstrasse, Klatterstrasse and Enkereistrasse. Although these streets functioned as main streets until the end of the 19th century, they now appear as winding alleys. The oldest surviving half-timbered house can still be admired in Klatterstraße. The building with the house number 12 from the 18th century served as a brewery in earlier times. A little below the Vichtbach bridge, a weir branched off a pond (moat) whose water flowed right through the cellars of the brewery, thus cooling the room temperature. Situated directly on the Vichtbach is Offermann-Platz, which was built around 1760 as part of a draper's yard. The old manor house, built of quarry stone, now serves as a residential complex and the publicly accessible square invites visitors to linger in a charming old town atmosphere. Discover the many sights on a tour of the old town on our copper vein. The flyer "The Copper Vein" leads you through the romantic alleys of the old town to the most important buildings and places!

"Flyer Kupferader" als pdf"The Copper Vein" als pdf"De koperader" als pdf"La veine de cuivre" als pdf




Historischer Altstadtkern Stolberg
Aachener Straße
52222 Stolberg
Phone: (0049) 2402 99900-81

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