Kupferhof Rosenthal

Kupferhof Rosenthal


One of the most beautiful copper courtyards in Stolberg is the Rosental courtyard, which was built in 1724 by order of Johannes Schleicher by the well-known master builder Tillmann Roland as a representative courtyard complex with a magnificent bridge gate. A curved flight of steps leads to the large portal, whose relief shows the goddess Aurora. The overall concept of the complex (similar to the Grünenthal copper court) reveals the former importance and growing self-confidence of the wealthy copper masters.

In contrast to all the other copper yards, the main house is faced with stone slabs of lime marl, with the façade articulation (window surrounds and finishing edges of the masonry) emphasized by the use of local bluestone. Not only the delicate yellow color of the lime marl veneer, but also the overall design of the structure, give the complex the appearance of a small country castle.

Furthermore, the strict and accentuated separation of the manor house and the service yard distinguishes this complex from the copper courtyards otherwise common in Stolberg. The still existing core building of the former depot, which is used today as a doctor's office, among other things, is located in front of the residential complex with a clear offset to the left. This allows access along the axis of symmetry of the manor house, so that the visitor can immediately appreciate the charm of the baroque architecture without being disturbed. The size relationship between the depot and the manor house is also revealing. It is hard to imagine, but the relatively small depot generated the wealth that is manifested in the manor house complex.
Today, the excellently renovated first floor rooms can be rented for meetings, seminars, family celebrations, etc.

Discover this and many other copper courtyards on a stroll through Stolberg, while enjoying the old town flair and the charm of the Gründerzeit. Our flyer "Kupferstadt & Kupferhöfe" will show you the way!
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Kupferhof Rosenthal
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