Achtsamkeitspunkt 4 "Inspiration"

Achtsamkeitspunkt 4 "Inspiration"


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"Solitary contact with nature is the first source of inspiration. One hears sounds of sweetness and terror such as one never encounters in a library." (a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Man is constantly in search of inspiration. Inspiration is an important factor in order to be able to survive in professional life, or even to drive personal projects forward. The basis for the emergence of inspiration is the collection of many individual experiences, impressions and adventures. And that's exactly what you can do here - bring your experiences together here and draw strength for new ideas. The calming waterfall and the small rapids, the again calm water allow many thoughts.

Continue on to the "place of hearing"! You should definitely take a look at the Wolfsschlucht!
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Achtsamkeitspfad Kleine Kyll
Mosenbergstr. 22
54531 Manderscheid
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