Eisenschmitt fountain

Eisenschmitt fountain


The village fountain in Eisenschmitt commemorates the iron smelter in the village and is also dedicated to the Eifel poet Clara Viebig. The artist Johann Baptist Lenz from Oberkail, who is well-known and respected throughout the region, designed and created the fountain in 1989 with a great deal of empathy for the history of the village and that of the well-known author.
The motifs on the fountain show the development of the village and events from history. The fountain is divided into three levels. On the upper level, the main motif is the iron forge, to which the village name refers. The middle level depicts various trades that were involved in iron processing. The lower level shows motifs from the novel "Das Weiberdorf" (The Women's Village), in which the poet Clara Viebig describes village life.

The fountain stands in front of the church in Eisenschmitt.

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Eisenschmittner Brunnen
An der Kirche
54533 Eisenschmitt

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